Who are We? AVS

We are a facility that produces quality slipper models at AVS Poly Gaziantep GATEM. Apart from this facility, we also provide services in the construction and furniture industry.

Slippers Production

Slippers production facility in various categories

Furniture Dealers

Main dealerships of top quality furniture brands

Construction Industry

Contracting and consultancy services in various construction projects

High quality

Quality-based work at all times in all the works where our name is mentioned in the sector.

Production Our facility

Information about our facility with high production capacity and our production capacity

Daily Production

We produce 12.000 pairs of slippers per day.

Daily Production

With Full Capacity, we can produce 36,000 pairs of slippers per day.

Our team

We have professional teammates of 40 people in production.


Variety with Beach slippers, Kids slippers, Orthopedic Slippers.


Do you want to work at AVS Poly?

As the AVS Poly family, it is always exciting to meet new teammates. If you want to be a part of this big family, you can apply by clicking the button below.

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2021 Ours year

The import and export reports throughout the year show that we are the first choice of many domestic and foreign businesses. Endless thanks…

  • 3M pair of slippers sale
  • 12% Export Increase
  • 20% increase in workforce
  • 10+ Corporate Affiliates
Country of Export